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Hair Removal Including The Pubic Area. Women or Men.

BodyShaver.Com Guarantees Your Satisfaction Or Your Money Back.

Finally there's a scientifically designed personal shaving device which changes the way you remove unwanted hair from anywhere, including your pubic area. Save your time, money and effort on less than effective hair removal methods that only get you mixed results at best.

The BodyShaver.Com Bodyshaver has helped to revolutionize personal shaving with a quantum leap forward in close shave engineering. These personal shavers are specifically designed and crafted to be safely used on any part of the body by men or women without causing scrapes, cuts, burns, bumps, nicks or ingrown hairs.

Since this precision shaver is used completely dry, runs on a normal battery which lasts a month or more and can fit in the palm of your hand - You don't need to worry about using lather, lotions or even water to get a close, smooth shaving experience ... Any place at any time.

Ladies - Stop being unkind to your delicate skin with expensive, inconvenient and sometimes downright painful hair removal processes. The BodyShaver.Com Bodyshaver takes care of even the most bothersome bikini lines comfortably, easily and effectively - And those irritation troubles with underarm, legs and the vaginal area will soon become a thing of the past.

Great for those sexy pubic designs and even safe to use inside the vaginal lips!

Gentlemen - Now there's a personal shaver for you too - Which can be gently and safely used on such sensitive skin areas as the head, face, neck, chest, arms, back, penis, anus and scrotum. It feels like a smooth glass surface to the touch. So, your complete safety, comfort and confidence are assured. And Guys, this battery powered personal shaving device will not "bite" testicles!

Intimate Relations - More and more partners prefer shaving their pubic area for enhancement of comfort, sensitivity, overall physical enjoyment and pleasure. This personal shaver is like no other when it comes to grooming the more intimate areas.

Time to say goodbye to embarrassing, unsightly and unwanted body hair. No need to be self conscious any longer.

Cyclists, swimmers and weight lifters (just to name a few), can all enjoy the benefit of safe, pain free, inexpensive hair removal with the BodyShaver.Com Personal Shaver.

~Featured In Top-Shelf Publications Like FitnessRx and Esquire Magazines~

BodyShaver.Com Micro Fine Shaving Screen TechnologyWith our new Micro-Fine Precision Shaving Screen Technology - Those unsightly and uncomfortable nicks & cuts, red bumps and irritations will disappear forever.

You might also find that the hair grows back slower, finer and less coarse with regular use of our BodyShaver.Com Personal Shaver. We've heard this more than once from our many clients. Just everyday, ordinary people getting extra-ordinary results.

This is due to the fact that our body shaving device does not damage the hair root or follicle. Works instantly on all your sensitive body areas.

This personal shaving device is designed to be used as little or as much as you like. Once a month, once a week or everyday. Use it whenever and wherever you feel the need for a touch-up.

Areas that are uncomfortable and unsafe to approach with dangerous razor blades are easily accessible with our BodyShaver.Com personal shaving device. No more using messy shaving creams. And since this is a completely dry hair removal shaver, there's never any need for water.

This precision made personal shaver can be used safely on the entire body including pubic area, underarms, chest, back, legs, head and face. It works equally well regardless of skin type or color.

Complete instructions are included and your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed. Plus, you'll never need to worry again about packing away bulky shaving kits because...

The BodyShaver.Com personal shaving device is so small and compact that it will easily fit into your pocket or purse and it's so inconspicuous you can use it most anywhere.

It makes the ideal companion whether you're going to the beach or meeting that special someone.

BodyShaver.Com Personal Body Shaving DeviceJust A Few Of The Benefits You'll Enjoy With Your New BodyShaver.Com Body Shaving Combo:

  • No more bumps or rashes at the bikini line
  • No more trouble in male/female pubic areas
  • No more problems shaving areas with acne
  • No more messy shaving creams or ointments
  • No more of those "permanent" hair removers
  • No more razor burns, bumps or ingrown hairs
  • No more nicks or cuts you get with a wet razor
  • No more waxing or ripping hair out by the roots

Let's face it. We live busy, expensive, fast-paced lives in a busy, expensive, fast-paced world. Difficulty with the side effects alone from using just any old form of removing unwanted body hair (especially in sensitive areas), can prove to be quite costly. Both in terms of personal health and of course, financially.

The BodyShaver.Com Bodyshaver just made your life a whole lot easier, thanks to its cutting edge technology.

Not so fast though ...

The BodyShaver.Com Bodyshaver is used specifically for short, stubble-length hair only. It is not intended to be used for longer than stubble-length.

Its Precision Micro-Screen Technology makes it perfect for direct contact with the skin, while being so safe as not to nick, scrape, cut or burn your more sensitive areas.

So ... What do you do about the longer hair?

Maybe scissors?


Not at all ...

We already know you're going to love your new BodyShaver.Com personal hair removal system and we want to go the full distance on our pledge to help you get the closest, smoothest, safest, most comfortable shaving experience on all of your sensitive body areas. Male or female.Body Trimmer By BodyShaver.Com

When you place your order now, you'll receive our double-edged body trimmer free.

Yes, you heard that right ... By ordering now you'll get the BodyShaver.Com Combo, which includes the bodyshaver and the body trimmer. You save $16.95!

The body trimmer is used to trim down thicker, longer hair before the bodyshaver is used. It's so sturdy and durable it will easily trim even the toughest beard, yet it's so compact that it too will fit into the palm of your hand.

In addition ... We'll even pay the shipping charges for delivery worldwide. You save $10.00 to $15.00 more!

~ We Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and More ~

And you just can't lose with our ironclad/satisfaction assured/no questions asked/money-back guarantee.

Would you believe that's still not all?

We're confident you'll be thrilled with your BodyShaver.Com personal shaving combo package and tell one or two of your friends about it so we're reducing your purchase price by yet another $10.00 - Which means you get our all inclusive combo package.

That's a full 38% savings of $36.95!

Special offer only available through this website ...

So why wait? These deep price cuts can't last forever and it's not likely we'll ever lower the prices more than they are now.

BodyShaver.Com Body Shaving and Trimming ComboGet your own BodyShaver.Com Body Shaving Combo - Which includes the shaver, free trimmer, free shipping, an additional $10.00 discount and our no-questions-asked money back guarantee for just $99.95 $89.95 $79.95 $69.95 ...

Take full advantage of this special sales price and receive the products at the soonest possible delivery date.

Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed or your money back. We've sold many thousands of these precision shavers exclusively from this website to a worldwide clientele since 2003. If our products aren't right for you, for any reason, we don't want to keep your money.

Act right away and get the BodyShaver.Com Bodyshaver, a free BodyShaver.Com Body Trimmer, free shipping anywhere in the world and an additional $10.00 discount. All this is included when you purchase during this special sale. So save now and get your own authentic Bodyshaver Combo.

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