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It’s a well known fact that gay shaving has been going on since shaving tools were created. While it’s been the norm for most males to shave their faces at some time in their lives, it’s been when they’ve wanted to start shaving any other part of their body that it’s been suggested they must be gay.

Body shaving has been associated with homosexuality, and has been perceived as a gay thing by many people. But surely you know that not all body builders are gay just because they’re shaving their bodies. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger – Does he seem gay?

There are scores of athletes who are shaving their bodies, but they’re not gay. They’re only shaving to improve their competitive edge.

Even if an individual male is not homophobic, he hasn’t wanted to be considered gay and therefore hasn’t allowed himself to start shaving anything other than his face.

But fortunately, things are changing. And the good news is that it’s actually because of gay shaving that things are changing. The tv program, “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy”, has been a major influence of altering the way males look at themselves and fashion, including gay shaving.

Now straight men have begun shaving their chest, back, armpit and even their leg hair after a gay male beauty ideal that has gradually caught on. Because both males and females agree – Males do look better without all that hair.

So shaving any body area other than the face is not seen as an indicator of any male being gay or straight. Shaving the scrotum isn’t a sign of being gay, but rather a sign of being a modern guy. And gays are not the only ones shaving their penises these days.

Gay shaving is probably responsible for all males understanding, and therefore adopting, penis shaving because condoms are easier to slip on and off.

And because of gay shaving, all males have been learning about using an oil instead of a shaving foam when shaving their genitals with a wet razor.

The truth is – Gay shaving is really about personal choice, not about making a political statement. Shaving the genitals is seen as a romantic gesture.

Mutual shaving is quite common in the gay community. “I love the way I look and feel when I shave my body and so does my gay friend. We sometimes meet and shave each other over the entire body.”

Not just gays are looking for better tools and techniques for getting better results from shaving any part of their body.

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