Bodworx Personal Body Shaver Combo Instructions & Troubleshooting Tips

Please read the Bodworx personal body shaver combo Instructions here on this page before using your trimmer and shaver. It is important to understand these instructions cover safety, operation, and cleaning before first use.


Important Usage Facts


Use a Trimmer First

YOU MUST use a trimmer before shaving! The shaver cannot shave long hair, you need to use a trimmer first.


Use Only on Dry Skin

Your skin must be dry and free of oil. So, be sure to shave BEFORE showering; your skin is slightly swollen after a shower.


Use Baby Powder

Using baby powder on dry skin will provide the best results. We recommend using a talc-free baby powder.

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Battery Placement/Replacement:

Turn the battery compartment lid in direction of the arrow. With normal usage (about 5 minutes per day) one high-quality “C” cell battery will last approximately 20 to 30 days depending on battery quality. We highly recommend using only very high-quality batteries, as low-quality batteries may provide poor results or damage your shaver.


  1. Remove plastic cap and slide switch to the on position. (diagram 1). If shaver fails to start remove battery compartment lid, rotate 180 degrees and reattach to ensure it is firmly seated.
  2. Determine direction of hair growth before shaving. Stretch skin and shave in the opposite direction of hair growth in a gentle circular motion. (diagram 2) Applying too much pressure to the skin with razor may irritate your skin or damage the razor. The shaver will not work on a thick bush or beard, so use the body trimmer first. To shave difficult areas such as neck, scrotum and vaginal area pull skin taut while shaving.
  3. After shaving turn the switch off and clean razor using the enclosed brush, then replace cap.

Cleaning Instructions: (see image below)

  1. When cleaning your razor, always move the switch to the off position. (diagram 3) NEVER turn the razor on with the shaving foil removed. Bodily injury may result.
  2. Remove the shaving foil by turning it counterclockwise (caution: be sure not to touch the on/off switch when removing the shaving foil). Gently lift the tri-blade to remove it from the unit.
  3. Using the enclosed cleaning brush, carefully clean the foil, inner blade, and motor drive with short, quick strokes (see diagram 5). The inner tri-blade is EXTREMELY SHARP, BE VERY CAREFUL AND DO NOT touch the inner tri-blade with anything other than the brush! Do not tap the motor drive on hard surfaces.
  4. Shaving foil and tri-blade may also be cleaned using mild soap and water. Afterward, dry thoroughly! DO NOT USE ANY WATER, SOAP, OR ANY OTHER LIQUID ON THE MOTOR DRIVE.
  5. After cleaning, replace the tri-blade, shaving foil, and cap as shown in the diagrams.


Once a month, use a light watch oil or razor oil on the shaving foil and tri-blade for optimum performance and long life. These oils can be purchased where watches or electric shavers are sold.

Safety Instructions:

Altering the shaver foil or use without foil installed can cause serious harm to you and your shaver. Keep out of reach of children. Never leave the shaver unattended. Please turn it off when not in use. KEEP SHAVER DRY! Never immerse the shaver in water; if it gets wet, do not use it until it is completely dry. Keep shaver away from heat or open flames. This shaver is NOT a toy. Use it only according to these instructions. If the shaver is dropped or damaged, it may not be safe to use. A specialist should make all repairs.
This shaver was designed for and is intended to be used by individuals, not for commercial use. Failure to follow instructions will void your warranty.
If you give this shaver to someone else, please provide them with a copy of these instructions.

Bodworx Body Shaver Diagram 2


Troubleshooting Tips

Click Here to View or Download the Troubleshooting Tips in PDF Format

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