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The Personal Body Shaver Blog

Learn how to remove pubic hair, genital shaving tips, or style the hair in your pubic area without rashes, ingrown hairs or discomfort. The personal body shaver blog lists many different ways to keep the hair in your sensitive areas shaved or styled. However, we sincerely believe our exclusive Personal Body Shaver, which is sold right here on this website is the best and more convenient way to remove unwanted hair from any part of your body.

Genital Shaving

Genital Shaving: New How to Shave Your Pubic Area Guide Because you need useful, practical genital shaving information, we have prepared this new how to shave your pubic area guide to help you. This guide covers several related topics including why people are shaving...

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Unwanted Hair Removal

Regardless what you end up choosing, understanding unwanted hair removal remedies will help you make an informed decision. With that in mind, please read this important information: Shaving with a wet razor as your unwanted hair removal remedy is inexpensive,...

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Pubic Hair Shaving

There's physical proof that pubic hair shaving has been going on for thousands of years. And throughout the years since, people have been striving to create the perfect tool for shaving pubic hair. While there definitely have been some major advancements, most people...

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Male Pubic Shaving

Male pubic shaving may involve shaving only the hair on the pubic mound. Male pubic shaving may involve shaving the hair on the pubic mound and on the penis. Male pubic shaving may involve shaving the hair on the pubic mound, on the penis and on the scrotum. Whatever...

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Shaving Pubic Hair

Are you shaving your pubic hair? As with most things, there are a couple of beliefs about shaving pubic hair. One belief is that you should not be shaving your pubic hair because it: 1) Protects skin from dirt and germs 2) Provides cushioning for sensitive areas 3)...

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Pubic Hair Shavers

Pubic Hair Shavers: Better Personal Grooming for Men & Women It used to be that the only pubic hair shavers were people in adult magazines, adult movies or “public performers” and the only shaving options were razors or the same electric shaver men used for their...

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How To Shave Bikini Lines

Anyone will tell you that there's only one thing worse than seeing some male or female in a bikini or thong with pubic hairs hanging out all over the place - And that's seeing bikini lines that are swollen, red and scabby. That's what gets us to how to shave bikini...

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Genital Shavers

People you see performing in adult movies or posing in adult magazines are not the only genital shavers these days. You might be surprised to learn just how many people, both male and female, are shaving their genitals. What about you? Are you one of the many genital...

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Genital Hair Removal Males

Genital hair removal for males is certainly not something new. Males in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome all preferred their pubic regions smooth. They believed a smooth male was a civilized male. But one has to wonder how civilized these males remained as they had...

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Genital Hair Removal

Are you aware that genital hair removal can enhance your sex life? It's true - Recent research reveals that the majority of females are practicing some form of genital hair removal because their partners prefer it. Sure, they may say that they remove their genital...

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