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Maybe you did a specific search about female pubic hair to arrive here. Or maybe you were researching a similar topic and it led you here. However you came to be on this page, no doubt along the way, just from the synopsis of individual websites, you became aware that there are basically two thoughts about female pubic hair. Use it or lose it.

For those of you who may not have delved much further into the topic of female pubic hair, here is a condensed version of the general consensus, from both views:

Use it: Pubic hair is natural and should be allowed to grow as such. It is a sign of a female’s sexual maturity. And female pubic hair retains her personal scent to attract her potential mate.

Lose it: Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Pubic hair does not a woman make. Female pubic hair can indeed retain her personal scent, which, especially during the time of the month when she’s bleeding, is not always attractive. Just look at all of the, “feminine hygiene”, products on the market specifically designed to keep female pubic hair, “fresh”.

Use it: Pubic hair protects the genitals from dirt and germs. It provides a cushion between clothes and this sensitive skin. And female pubic hair also limits friction in this area.

Lose it: It’s a well documented fact that ancients who lived in the hot climate of the Middle East removed their pubic hair to eliminate such a moist breeding ground for bacteria and germs leading to infections.

Any female who removes her pubic hair will tell you that even a slight brush of her clothing can be arousing, and as far as friction goes … That’s what she wants to feel when she’s interacting with another. These are just antiquated, puritanical beliefs designed to keep people from becoming sexually aroused or involved.

Use it: Pubic hair maintains the mystery. It’s perverted for anyone to want a mature female to remove her pubic hair.

Lose it: Yeah – If a female has alot of pubic hair, it is a mystery what she looks like and to be able to see what you’re doing. And it’s not perverted to want to be able to do that. Besides, not only is there no hair pulling with penetration, there’s no hair in the mouth with other activities.

In addition, females who remove their pubic hair cite not getting their hairs caught in the leg bands of their underwear or panty liners as a big plus.

Ultimately, what a female does with her pubic hair is her own personal choice.

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