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Learn how to use a body shaver to remove pubic hair, shave under your arms or style the hair in your pubic area without rash, ingrown hairs or discomfort. The body shaver blog lists many different ways to keep the hair in your sensitive areas shaved or styled, but we believe our Body Shaver Combo is the best and more convenient way to remove unwanted hair.

Female Shaving Pubic Hair

If you're not already a female shaving your pubic hair, there are some really important things you need to know. Did you know that a female shaving pubic hair feels fresher and cleaner? Did you know that many females believe shaving your pubic hair is wrong because...

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Female Pubic Shaving

Female pubic shaving has been done throughout the centuries. And during that time and even now, female pubic shaving has been uncomfortable because of razor burns, rashes and bumps. So it's obviously not the tools alone that cause such skin irritations from female...

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Female Pubic Hair

Maybe you did a specific search about female pubic hair to arrive here. Or maybe you were researching a similar topic and it led you here. However you came to be on this page, no doubt along the way, just from the synopsis of individual websites, you became aware that...

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Womans Fashion Pubic Hair Shaving

Shaving fashion for a womans pubic hair can be anything from shaving just the bikini line area to completely shaving all of the pubic hair. Then there are a variety of shapes, styles and designs for shaving fashion into a womans pubic hair. Many people believe that...

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Facial Hair Removal

First of all - Shaving facial hair with a wet razor is NOT to even be considered by females. These hairs grow back very quickly and appear thicker. There are several other forms of facial hair removal much more suitable. Facial hair most often appears on females first...

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Womans Electric Shaver

The womans electric shaver is a shaving device available with a rotating blade or an oscillating, (moving or swinging from side to side regularly), blade. Although earlier versions needed to be plugged into an electrical socket, today, many shavers are powered by a...

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Design Pubics

Pubic hair grooming has fast become big business for select salons and spas. Maybe you're one of the beauticians, stylists or hair technicians who design pubics. How do you like your job? You probably like it well enough, as long as people who come to you to design...

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Close Shave

The object of shaving is to get smooth skin. And the only way to get that is if you get a close shave. Do you feel clueless about getting a close shave without also getting razor burns, rashes, bumps and ingrown hairs? Most people do. Based on generations of people's...

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Chest Shaving

Since you're here reading this page, you're obviously looking for some good information about chest shaving. Well, check it out - You shouldn't start your chest shaving when you first get up after sleeping. Body fluids will have made the skin puffy, which makes it...

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Body Shaving

Most people take a good deal of time and effort to look the best they can. Today, body shaving is a part of our grooming routine towards that end. Long ago and far away, body hair played a couple of important roles. Before people wore clothing, it was protection and a...

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