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The object of shaving is to get smooth skin. And the only way to get that is if you get a close shave.

Do you feel clueless about getting a close shave without also getting razor burns, rashes, bumps and ingrown hairs? Most people do.

Based on generations of people’s experiences shaving, here are some clues to help you get a close shave, on any part of your body, without all the irritations –

While you’re sleeping, your skin fills with fluid, which puffs up and hides a good part of your hairs. If you wait to shave for about 30 minutes after waking up, you’ll get that close shave.

The head, face, (if you have a beard or mustache), chest, back and pubic area will have long hairs that you’ll need to trim down to a stubble, with scissors or a hair trimmer, before you begin to shave. Not only will this help you see where to shave, but it will save wear and tear on your razor’s blade.

When you can see where you’re shaving and your blade is not dulled, you’ll be better able to get a close shave.

ALWAYS moisturize your skin and hair before shaving. Never shave dry. Dry hair is tough and will break more easily, leaving jagged tips on hairs which only irritate the skin more.

Take a long, hot shower or bath. In fact, shave while you’re in the shower or bath if it’s convenient. The hot water and steam will open the pores and make hairs softer, which will make it much easier to get a close shave. Allow your skin and hair to be wet for 5-10 minutes before you begin shaving.

Apply whatever you prefer to lubricate your skin before shaving. Working this into your skin with a circular motion will help raise the hairs.

There are many new gels, creams and oils specifically formulated to give you a close shave while limiting irritations. Use a good lubricant that doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals to irritate the skin as it helps your razor glide easily and smoothly across your skin as you’re shaving. Allow this to sit on your skin and hair for several minutes.

ALWAYS make sure you have a clean, sharp blade in your razor before shaving.

A dull blade will pull and tear hairs instead of cutting them cleanly. Think about what grass looks like when it’s cut with a dull blade … You’re only setting yourself up for problems if you use a dull razor blade.

Shave with the skin in a relaxed condition. Don’t stretch the skin taut thinking it will give you a close shave. This will only cut the hairs too short and greatly increase skin irritations leading to ingrown hairs.

Shave in the direction hair grows first. Then you can shave against the hair growth to get that close shave. But don’t shave the same area more than this second time.

Most people tend to press down hard as they shave, thinking it will get a close shave. But it only causes more friction, and more friction causes razor burns. Only apply as much pressure as absolutely necessary. Shave slowly and carefully.

There’s nothing more satisfying when it comes to shaving than to feel silky smooth afterwards, because of a close shave.

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