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Pubic hair grooming has fast become big business for select salons and spas. Maybe you’re one of the beauticians, stylists or hair technicians who design pubics. How do you like your job?

You probably like it well enough, as long as people who come to you to design their pubics are clean and fresh … (Hopefully you have a sign posted that says you have the right to refuse service to anyone.) Maybe after a while it becomes just like any other part of your job. It’s just hair, even if it is pubic hair.

Or maybe you really enjoy doing designs for pubics. Maybe you’ve discovered you have a real flair for creating the design people want for their pubics. And maybe even a few of your customers allow you to design their pubics the way you think would look best. And you have a stock of good ideas about how to design pubics for special occasions.

Yeah, that sounds pretty cool. Getting paid decent money to execute a design on pubics. All your friends probably come to you, which has to be interesting.

But what about the rest of us who want to know how to design pubics without exposing ourselves to a stranger? How do we learn how to design pubics so we can do them for ourselves or our partner?

Easy – Just pay attention to these few tips and you too can design pubics:

You or your partner might already have a pubics design in mind. That’s great, but just make sure it’s something that’s easy to do and easy to maintain.

In fact, you might want to start out learning how to design pubics by using one of the stencils available for both males and females specifically for pubic hair. Just so you can get the feel of design pubics.

And then, you can make your own stencil(s) of the pubic designs you and your partner come up with from cut outs of lightweight plastic containers that you can use time and time again.

But usually, people find they have just too much fun creating different designs for their pubics each time their hair grows back in. Here area a few of the more popular and simple ones to try:

Landing Strip
Downward Triangle
Upward Triangle
Lightning Bolt
Large Arrow
Check Mark
Exclamation Point

As you can see, there’s a good variety of ideas and none of these pubics designs takes an artist to create. All you need is the right tools and a steady hand.

Which brings us to the tip that you should never undertake a design on your pubics unless you’re fully awake and totally straight. Even though this particular hair styling will not be seen by the general public, like a hair cut on your head, it’s still not worth the risk of hurting yourself or anyone else attempting a design for pubics when you’re not alert or under the influence.

Now all you need to know is about the right tools for when you design pubics.

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