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Genital hair removal for males is certainly not something new. Males in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome all preferred their pubic regions smooth. They believed a smooth male was a civilized male. But one has to wonder how civilized these males remained as they had their genital hair plucked out with two sea shells held together …

Fortunately, there are far more sophisticated methods for genital hair removal for males these days.

Starting with laser hair removal, which is basically a hot laser light that pulses into the pigmentation of hairs to damage the follicles, from which the hairs grow. While this genital hair removal process works pretty quickly over a large area, it is quite painful, even for males, requiring a topical anesthetic, and very expensive with a range of $150-$500 per treatment.

There are reports of swelling and redness after laser genital hair removal for males.

Next there’s electrolysis, which is basically a fine needle being inserted into each hair follicle and shocking it with electricity or chemicals or both, to damage it. Definitely painful, requiring a topical anesthetic, it can take weekly or monthly treatments of up to a year to complete genital hair removal for males at $25-$45 per treatment.

There are reports of swelling, redness, pinpoint scabbing and even some scarring after genital hair removal for males by electrolysis.

And contrary to anything you may have read or heard, neither laser treatments or electrolysis are truly permanent. That is to say that they do not eliminate hair forever.

There have been very positive reports about each of these genital hair removal treatments for males getting rid of hair for 6 months to a year. And while that’s good news, you have to ask yourself if you’re really prepared to spend that kind of time and money and endure that kind of pain for genital hair removal that is not going to last for more than a year.

Waxing, which is basically pulling the hair out by its roots, is another genital hair removal option for males. Just make sure you use a numbing gel or spray about an hour before having it done. Depending on where you go, this process runs between $20-$200 per session.

There are reports of swelling and redness after waxing for genital hair removal for males.

Genital hair removal for males is NOT to be done with a depilatory cream or lotion. The harsh chemicals are too easily absorbed especially by the scrotum.

Which brings us to shaving, which basically cuts the hair at the skin surface. This method continues to be the genital hair removal for males most used. It’s easy, convenient and inexpensive.

But – Shaving is also dangerous if not done properly, resulting in scrapes, nicks and actual cuts from genital hair removal by males.

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