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People you see performing in adult movies or posing in adult magazines are not the only genital shavers these days. You might be surprised to learn just how many people, both male and female, are shaving their genitals. What about you? Are you one of the many genital shavers out there?

If you are, tell the truth, are you one of the satisfied genital shavers who’s content with the results they get from genital shaving? Or are you one of the many more dissatisfied genital shavers who’s unhappy about the results you get from shaving your genitals?

Because the majority of genital shavers end up with swollen, red, patchy and bumpy skin after shaving their genitals. If you are one of these unhappy genital shavers, ask yourself the following questions and see if there’s something missing in your genital shaving routine that might be causing your unhappiness –

Do you:

1) Wait to shave for about 30 minutes after waking up?

2) Shave your genitals when you’re completely awake and straight?

3) Thoroughly moisturize your skin and hair with a hot shower or bath before shaving?

4) Apply a generous amount of lubricant before you shave, allow it to sit a few minutes, and make sure there’s always plenty as you’re shaving your genitals?

5) Always make sure to use a clean, fresh blade in your razor every time you shave your genitals?

6) Start shaving with the way hair grows first, then against the way the hair grows?

7) Avoid repeating strokes and pressing down as you’re shaving?

8) Rinse first with warm water, then with cold water after shaving?

9) Pat, not rub, your genital area dry with a clean, soft towel.

10) Lightly dust your genital area with a talc free powder?

11) Wear loose fitting clothing for a while after shaving?

Answering no to any one of these questions can cause irritated skin for genital shavers. But failing to do two or more of them is really asking for trouble. And as you probably already know, you’ll get it.

So hopefully these questions have given all you genital shavers something to thing about and pointed you in the right direction for becoming satisfied with the results of your genital shaving.

Something else to think about – What happy genital shavers use to shave their genitals.

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