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According to the latest research, genital shaving is no longer part of the prepping process on females for birthing. But doctors report that they see a lot being done by their female clients. Genital shaving is still necessary for certain surgical procedures for males. But doctors report that they see a lot done by their male clients who aren’t having any surgery done.

Do Your Own Research

Take a look around the next time you’re at the spa or gym – You’ll see for yourself. There’s a lot of genital shaving going on. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of swelling, redness and bumps  going on. So, the question is no longer who’s doing genital shaving, but how they’re doing it. From the general looks of things, not very well. So here’s a short guide gleaned from people’s experiences to help you achieve better results.

Now it may seem like just good common sense, and it is, but it still needs to be said – Never undertake shaving your pubic area unless you’re sober and fully alert. This area is much more sensitive than other parts of your body that you may be accustomed to being shaved, which means it’s much easier to hurt yourself, so you want your wits about you.

Genital shaving does require patience and care. So go slowly and be careful.

Heading 3

If you have long pubic hairs, trim them with scissors or better yet, a body hair trimmer before you start shaving your genitals. Take a long, hot shower or bath. This will open the pores of your skin and soften your coarse pubic hairs to make it easier.

Use a Moisturizer for Smoother Genital Shaving

Apply a generous amount of a rich moisturizing lubricant. Allow this to sit for at least 5 minutes before you begin. ALWAYS use a new blade/razor or a high quality body shaver. Genital shaving should first be done in the direction the pubic hair grows. After you’ve removed the bulk of hairs, go back over the area, only this time shave against the way the hair grows. This will give you the close, clean and smooth shave you’re looking for. But don’t apply too much pressure or shave the same area repeatedly. The last thing you want to do is irritate this sensitive skin.

After you shave, thoroughly wash off any remaining lubrication with warm water. Then, if you think you can handle it, rub the entire genital area with an ice cube. At least flush the area with cold water. Closing the pores this way will calm and tone the skin and limit skin irritation after genital shaving. Making sure not to rub, pat the genital area dry with a clean, soft towel.

Forget anything you’ve heard or learned about how to care for your skin after shaving. They may be okay for other parts of your body, but they are NOT suitable for after shaving your genitals. Because this area tends to stay moist and receive a good deal of friction, two major culprits of ingrown hairs, you want to focus on keeping this area dry and limit friction.

A light dusting of a talc free powder will take care of the moistness and wearing loose fitting clothing, at least for a while after you shave will take care of the friction.

Following this guide should help you achieve better results but this guide is not complete without suggesting there are alternatives for even better genital shaving results.


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