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The womans electric shaver is a shaving device available with a rotating blade or an oscillating, (moving or swinging from side to side regularly), blade.

Although earlier versions needed to be plugged into an electrical socket, today, many shavers are powered by a small DC motor and use batteries. This type of a womans electric shaver doesn’t need shaving cream or water. In fact, it’s recommended that a talc free powder be used to absorb any moisture and natural body oils before shaving.

Recently there have been a few newer womans electric shavers that have been designed to not only allow for shaving cream and moisture, but actually dispense a shaving gel to make a womans electric shaver experience better and smoother.

You should know that a womans electric shaver that is not designed properly may actually cause more problems with ingrown hairs than a wet razor.

There is another type of womans electric shaver, known as an epilator.

Epilators are similar to the regular version, except instead of a rotating or oscillating blade on the head, they have rows of tweezers that pull hairs out by their roots.

Using this type of womans electric shaver is not always convenient because hairs must be allowed to grow long enough between uses so the tweezers can grab them. And to avoid pinching, the skin must be pulled taut. Many find this womans electric shaver uncomfortable.

While this shaver is good for legs, it can be hard to use on the backs of legs. And while it’s also good for removing hairs from arms, it’s not recommended for any other areas, especially sensitive areas, of the body.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, this womans electric shaver can eliminate hair for several days to several weeks.

But you should know that tweezing does irritate skin and often creates ingrown hairs.

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