Unisex Body Groomer for Men and Women

Choosing a unisex body groomer for men and women isn’t easy because there are so many options available, but we can help you find the right personal grooming tools for your needs.

Unisex Body Groomer for Men and Women

Unisex Body Groomer for Men and Women

Why You Should Use a Body Groomer Before an Intimate Encounter

You know how many sayings involve the first time you meet a person, or the first time you are intimate, and the fact you seldom get a second chance. So, if you have long pubic hairs, you should use a body groomer to trim them before an intimate encounter. A well-groomed genital area is much more appealing than a mass of long pubic hair. That doesn’t mean you need to shave all of your hair off, but your pubic hair does need to be tamed, and the right grooming tools can make that job much easier.

Use a Body Grooming Tool Before Intimate Encounters

Use a Body Grooming Tool Before Intimate Encounters

Finding the Right Unisex Body Groomer for Men and Women

Now, you may be thinking finding the right body groomer for men and women is going to be impossible. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult to find a unisex tool, in fact, it can be a lot of fun. Below we have listed some of the most common and readily available options. So, experiment, and enjoy a fun and exciting journey testing each of these options to find the body groomer that works best for you and your significant other.

A List of Common Body Grooming Tools

  • Razor: This is an oldie but a goodie to be sure. There are some drawbacks, but if you have someone to help you shave your genital area it is possible to have success using a razor, moisturizer, and shaving cream.
  • Electric Trimmer: A good trimmer can and should be used before shaving with a razor, but it can also be used solo. The main drawback is using it alone will leave some very coarse stubble, which may be uncomfortable for your partner or cause irritation.
  • Waxing: You and your partner may enjoy using hot wax to remove pubic hair by giving each other a Brazilian wax treatment. This can be painful, so it is not for everyone, but it is a viable solution if you have someone ready and willing to help.
  • Personal Body Shaver Combo: This is the method we recommend for several reasons. First, you start with an electric trimmer to remove long hair, then you finish with a bullet shaver to remove the stubble. Another reason we recommend this body groomer is because you can do it yourself or with a partner, and still get fantastic results. In addition to being the most effective and pain-free method, it causes the least amount irritation.
Personal Grooming Tools for a Beach Ready Body

Personal Grooming Tools for a Beach Ready Body

Do You Have a Beach-Ready Body?

Get started today to ensure you have the right body groomer available before and during your next trip to the beach or intimate encounter. You may only get one opportunity to make a good impression, so don’t risk losing him or her because of unsightly pubic hair.


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