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Are you shaving your pubic hair?

As with most things, there are a couple of beliefs about shaving pubic hair.

One belief is that you should not be shaving your pubic hair because it:

1) Protects skin from dirt and germs
2) Provides cushioning for sensitive areas
3) Lessens the friction between skin and clothes
4) Holds in heat to keep you warm when you need it
And because pubic hair
5) Retains your personal scent, which may attract your potential mate

Another belief is that you should be shaving your pubic hair because it:

1) Holds dirt and germs
2) Interferes with sensations in sensitive areas
3) Causes friction between skin and clothes
And because pubic hair
4) Holds in heat which creates your personal scent, which repels everyone

Some people, both male and female, believe because you naturally grow pubic hair, it’s best to just let it grow. These people add that a big benefit is you don’t have to spend your time or money shaving your pubic hair.

Some people, both male and female, believe just because you naturally grow pubic hair, doesn’t mean you have to accept it. These people believe it’s their body (and hair) to do what they please and the big benefit for them is they say they look and feel better after shaving their pubic hair.

Since the human animal has walked this planet, pubic hair has played a couple of important roles. Before clothing, as protection and a signal of sexual maturity. Since clothing, a signal of sexual maturity.

Today, neither of these roles apply.

It’s also true that thousands of years ago, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans preferred a smooth pubic region. You only need to look at Chinese, Greek and Roman erotic art and you’ll see that both males and females were shaving their pubic hair.

Greeks and Asians of that time who weren’t shaving their pubic hair, did at least pluck their pubic hair to give it an appealing shape. Greek and Roman women were shaving their pubic hair because they believed it was ugly. And in India, the shaving of pubic hair was widely practised.

Shaving pubic hair not only improves your appearance, it also improves your personal hygiene. Less hair in this area means less heat and consequently, less build up of bacteria and unpleasant odor. This holds true for males as well as females.

And – You won’t know unless you try – Shaving your pubic hair may even enhance your sex life.

Most people today say that if their partner is shaving their pubic hair, they’re paying more attention to this area. How about you? Are you getting all the attention you want in this area?

Just one word of advice – There’s only one thing worse than a hairy pubic area – And that’s a swollen, reddened, stubbly pubic area after shaving pubic hair.

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