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It used to be that the only pubic hair shavers were people in adult magazines, adult movies or “public performers”.

Many other people are pubic hair shavers today. Males as well as females. Younger people as well as older people. People of all ethnic groups. Straights as well as gays and lesbians. And not just in Western societies anymore, but all around the world.

Pubic hair shavers are no longer perceived as perverted.

Not that it’s likely that you’ll have occasion to find out but, people you see everyday at your local supermarket, at your school, at your dentist’s or doctor’s office, your neighbors – Most of them are probably pubic hair shavers. Some people have been totally surprised to find out that their own parents or kids are pubic hair shavers.

But see, that’s the thing – Pubic hair shaving is no longer an activity associated strictly with sex.

Not all pubic hair shavers started out with sex on their minds. Many people had to remove their pubic hair due to some type of surgery and found they really liked it. Some people heard or read that removing their pubic hair was a way of getting rid of a moist breeding ground for bacteria. Some people just wanted to stop getting their pubic hairs caught in their underwear.

All pubic hair shavers will tell you that they look and feel much cleaner and fresher. Having no pubic hair keeps down the moisture in this area so that these people not only stay drier, but feel cooler and don’t worry so much about their body odor.

When it comes to the sexual aspects, pubic hair shavers will tell you how there’s no more pulling of pubic hairs when slipping a condom on or off. Or a pulling of pubic hairs during intercourse.

Many partners of people who are pubic hair shavers say that they really enjoy not having to deal with a damp and sometimes smelly bush of pubic hair to be able to get close not getting pubic hairs in their mouth. They love being able to see their partners genitals. Rumor has it that a big bonus for male pubic hair shavers is that their genitals appear larger.

So, pubic hair shavers are more appealing …

And many, many people say that pubic hair shavers are more attractive, not only because of they way they look, but because of the way they feel. The reports are that if you get two pubic hair shavers together, the sensations are indescribable.

These are all good reasons why many other people are pubic hair shavers today.

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