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The Personal Body Shaver Blog

Learn how to remove pubic hair, genital shaving tips, or style the hair in your pubic area without rashes, ingrown hairs or discomfort. The personal body shaver blog lists many different ways to keep the hair in your sensitive areas shaved or styled. However, we sincerely believe our exclusive Personal Body Shaver, which is sold right here on this website is the best and more convenient way to remove unwanted hair from any part of your body.

Body Shaving

Most people take a good deal of time and effort to look the best they can. Today, body shaving is a part of our grooming routine towards that end. Long ago and far away, body hair played a couple of important roles. Before people wore clothing, it was protection and a...

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Body Shaves

Have you ever thought about who shaves their body? Body builders are pretty obvious. So are most of the males and females wearing bikinis and thongs. Have you thought about the athlete who shaves their body? There's the swimmers and diver, the runner and cyclist, and...

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You've seen them - The beautiful bodyshavers. Maybe poolside at the country club, or on a beach in Bermuda, or on the ship of your last cruise - The beautiful people who stroll around nearly naked with smooth, gleaming skin all over. Yeah, you've seen them - In your...

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Man Body Shaving

It used to be that a man with lots of body hair was seen as a manly man. It's believed that this is a hold over from the days of the caveman, when a male with lots of body hair was seen as being strong and therefore, if not the leader of a group, a contender. And the...

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Body Hairs

With the exception of the lips, nipples, palms of hands, soles of feet, part of the penis, and the navel, body hairs grow on every other area of our bodies, regardless of sex or race. And while it may seem some people have less body hair than others, the fact is that...

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Body Hair Removers

In today's world, the majority of people, both male and female, are body hair removers. But the jury is still out about what method the majority of these people use as their body hair removers. Because today, there are actually quite a few from which to choose. Some...

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Body Hair Remover

Long, long ago and far away, a caveman had the bright idea of taking two sea shells held together to pluck the hairs from his face. Such was born the first body hair remover. To Egyptian males, a clean face was a status symbol. Both male and female Egyptians preferred...

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Body Hair Removal

Are you into body hair removal? You're not alone. Not by a long shot. And body hair removal is not just for body builders anymore. The latest statistics reveal that the majority of everyday males and females are into body hair removal, on several parts of their...

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Body Hair

To remove your body hair or not remove it, that is the question. We all have our different answers. And, depending on our ever changing lifestyles, even our answers may change throughout our lives. Some people believe: 1) We should keep our body hair because it...

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Black Man Shaving

A black man who is shaving always suffers more from ingrown hairs. 60% - 80% of black males have experienced suffering and even disfigurement from shaving. When anyone shaves, hairs are actually pulled up by the razor and after they're cut, they go back below the...

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