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Anyone will tell you that there’s only one thing worse than seeing some male or female in a bikini or thong with pubic hairs hanging out all over the place – And that’s seeing bikini lines that are swollen, red and scabby. That’s what gets us to how to shave bikini lines

Not a good look, on anyone, anywhere, any time. So we all need to know how to shave our bikini lines for that smooth look and feel. That’s supposed to be why we’re shaving our bikini lines in the first place, right? Right.

The following information is offered to help:

1) The pubic area can become very sensitive for many females during the peak of their menstrual cycle, so if you’re a female, shave your bikini lines outside of this peak time.

2) Friction, especially friction immediately after shaving, is a major contributor to skin irritations especially at bikini lines. It’s best if you can shave your bikini lines late in the day when you can wear loose clothing, (or nothing at all).

But if you must shave your bikini lines at the start of the day, allow at least a half an hour before you start shaving. This will allow the fluids built up under your skin to subside and your skin to become more taut to better expose the hair shafts for getting that close shave. Allowing this time also insures that you are fully awake and alert before you shave your bikini lines.

3) Never shave your bikini lines, “under the influence”.

4) Trim any long hairs with scissors or a hair trimmer. These long hairs will only dull your razor’s blade, which is the last thing you want. You’ll also be able to see where to shave your bikini lines better, which is the first thing you want.

5) Take a shower or soak in a bath to help open the follicles, (the skin depressions from which the hair grows), and relax stiff, coarse pubic hairs.

6) Standing in the tub or shower with one leg hiked up on something that is not slippery and will support your weight is the best position to shave bikini lines.

7) Apply a rich lubricant. Allow this to sit on your hair and skin for several minutes to get the maximum effect before you start to shave your bikini lines.

8) Make sure you ALWAYS have a clean, new blade in your razor EVERY TIME you start to shave your bikini lines. A dull blade will only pull and tear the hairs, which is what creates swollen, red rashes and, worse, ingrown hairs.

9) Beginning at the the back, start to shave your bikini lines in the direction the hair grows on the side and then up to the front first. Then you can shave against the hair growth to get that ‘smooth’ look and feel you’re after.

10) Try not to apply too much pressure and don’t shave your bikini lines in any one area repeatedly. These actions will not give you a closer, smoother shave. In fact, they’re a major cause of swollen, red and scabby skin.

Now you have most of the latest information available to know how to shave your bikini lines for that smooth look and feel.

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